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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-31T15:24:25+08:00

101 Applied Theatre 101

What is “applied theatre”?2021-07-31T15:27:30+08:00

Quite honestly, this is a hard question to answer. If you really want one sentence to describe it, we would encourage you to read the International Drama / Theatre and Education Association’s (IDEA) Newsletter, it had a pretty great and simple definition:

Non-mainstream theatre and drama which includes community theatre, theatrical skills and games being applied in corporate settings, theatre applied in political and community organization, theatre being created with an educational goal.

If you’d like to know, we encourage you to read the following article!

Where is applied theatre staged?2021-07-31T15:27:18+08:00

Absolutely not just on a high-platform stage. Wherever there’s people, you can start making theatre!

We really encourage you to read more from the journal article we just recommended to you in the previous question:

Is “drama education” the same as “teaching people to perform”?2021-07-31T15:27:09+08:00

Absolutely not! A lot of people get the two mixed up. “Drama education” is not about teaching people how to act, direct, design lighting, set design, etc. Instead, it’s about any teacher applying drama skills and games into their own style of teaching, or in other words – their pedagogy. Drama education is an intervention in the everyday classroom, seeking to break traditional ways of learning with whiteboards and textbooks.

Do people need to know how to perform in order to participate in applied theatre programs?2021-07-31T15:26:59+08:00

In the end, no matter how much experience you have with theatre, it generally has no effect on your ability to participate in applied theatre programs. Facilitators can pay special attention to the drama ability of each participant and adjust the entire program to your needs.

But sometimes, the amount of experience you have might affect your boldness to actively participate! For some specific applied theatre forms, like Playback Theatre in which the actors just listen to you talk about a story and then perform it for you immediately, you just need the courage to share your story!

For some other forms though, like Forum Theatre where actors will invite you to improvise a different scenario to change the story on the spot, you’ll be taking a huge leap of courage if you have no prior performing experience. In the end though, it’s in the spirit of our work that people especially with no theatre experience to step out of their comfort zone and know they can rehearse other ways of walking through the world just as their everyday self.

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