Planting Trees of Drama with Global Vision in Local Knowledge: IDEA 2007 Dialogues (《IDEA2007 戲劇性對話:認識自己,放眼世界》)is a collection of peer reviewed eassys procceding from the IDEA 2007 World Congress. The emphasis on the conversion between the global and the local is important for us, as Hong Kong is always, for a century and a half, shifting and drifting between, or below, the two. The main content of the book is divided into three sections: Cultures and Communities, Learning and Curriculum, and Teaching and Researching. Adopting the phenomenological approach of structiuring our subjective narrative with correspondence to the worldly narrative, we are recognizing the synchronization between tge global trend and the local tendency. The book is thus, starting from a local point of view, suggesting a structure pieced together by more than thirty global visions. When you read along, we invite you to relate them to your own context and find your own loacl echo of the structure.

Editied by
Jack Shu and Phoebe Chan

Laura A. McCammon, Allan Owens and Janinka Greenwood

supported by other members of the editorial team, including
Estella Wong, Sara M. Baraldi, Francine Chaîné and Mei-chun Lin

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